Dental Receptionist Job Description

Careers in a Medical And Dental Office

A dental receptionist works at the front desk of a dental clinic, assisting clients in person or on the phone. The job requires an outgoing personality, strong organizational abilities, and data entry and bookkeeping skills.

Receptionists are the ones that meet and greet patients and potential patients once they enter your office. They can answer any questions patients may have or provide paperwork for new potential patients. They are also the last person patients see as they take care of scheduling for the patients next dental visit and handle any billing concerns.

College Medical Receptionist Training

Educational College receptionist training  program help develop the following techniques to utilize within a  professional office setting:

  • Friendly interaction and communication with patients and  co-workers
  • Maintain important patient and office records
  • Ability to handle a multi-line inbound phone call system
  • Use a computer efficiently and effectively
  • Ability to perform administrative duties and assist co-workers
  • Have strong bookkeeping and records procedures

These receptionist requirements are just a sampling of what  you can expect within a professional office setting or medical office.

Be sure  to inquire with your local receptionist training school beforehand to see what  the course overview is so you can make yourself as valuable as possible.

Sample Job Description Duties

Job Description: Front office reception/Patient experience specialist

Patient experience responsibilities

·  Ensure a positive experience by being helpful and upbeat

·  Greet and schedule patients on telephone and in person, take detailed phone messages

·  Walkout patients, verify procedures completed, collect payment, and submit insurance

·  Confirm next day’s appointments and next week’s recalls scheduled 6 month in advance

·  Ensure friendly interaction and communication between patients and coworkers

Front office reception

·  Have patient complete paper work and enter all pertinent patient information into practice management software, acquire the necessary signatures

·  Verify insurance eligibility and frequencies per patient or family

·  Enter the breakdown of benefits per employer

·  Update computer system and sign with patient birthdays and any other current events

·  Confirm next day’s appointments and next week’s recalls scheduled 6 month in advance

·  Get mail, enter and scan payments and referral documents

·  Make sure waiting room is neat and tidy

·  Keep reception area clean and dusted

·  Compile end of day packet with deposit information

·  Send out statements and recall postcards on the 1stof the month

·  Ensure MSDS and sterilization binders are up-to-date.

Other duties

·  Carry out any specific task asked by the Doctor quickly and efficiently

·  Assist fellow coworkers when called upon

A Dental receptionist’s, or an administrative assistant role can be a very demanding one within a dental office or any professional office setting.